BBQ Ribs Smoked in the Smoven

Oh Yeah… I did smear #BonneMaman #CherryPreserves all over my #Ribs at the 3 hour mark (uncovered). Then wrapped those rascals in foil for another 2 hours. #LowAndSlowBBQ aiming to maintain 200 degrees oven temp for 5 hours. Fall off the bone, salty sweet goodness!

Our last test kitchen on this 3rd Smoven prototype before it goes back to the factory for final tweaks, then onto production. I wanted to give her a run WITHOUT using the #BBQguru “fan” hooked up. I have never actually tried the old fashioned “manual mode” on this prototype. She performed flawlessly. I’m kind of thinking actually a little better than the guru. Using only 5 pounds of lump charcoal, she held 200 to 210 without much fuss for 9 hours! Knowing that most of our customers will opt out of attaching the Guru..and that’s perfectly OK.

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